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Sports day mortification & ouch!

So I was forced to do the Mum's race at sports day. It involved rolling a big ball along the ground. I lost my balance and fell spectacularly, hurting my knee, elbow & shoulder! My pride was injured more, though! I went out the next day to do w3 (for the 5th time now!) and found it hard going. Today I'm aching all over! Arms and legs (and not even where I injured myself). I've not experienced that so far. Should I plough on through the aches, admit my advancing years are to blame and run through this into week 4?! I've done w4r1 already but went back to w3 after a few days off.

I don't want to lose my motivation to run!!!

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As long as there is no injury there you might benefit from some stretches before and after your run. Have a look online for the appropriate ones. At least you were a good sport and that's the main thing lol


Just found thses on the C25K site, perhaps they may be of use :)



Thank you! I will try those when I go out tomorrow. ;)


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