Couch to 5K

W6R1- Yay!

I was pretty apprehensive about today's run having had an absolutely horribly time on Tuesday with W5R3. I'm delighted to say that today was fab! Tough first five minutes, as per usual, but once I'd settled in to a rhythm I really enjoyed it. Perfect weather for it- cool but not cold and dry with a nice breeze. Was having such a good time I kept running through the cool down to prove to myself that Tuesday was just a bad run.

One happy (almost!) runner.

Hope it went well for everybody else today. X

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Sounds good to me! You are doing really well. I've had to go back a few days so progress is slow. Did W4R2 yesterday (again) so hoping I'll eventually catch up. A lot of this is mind games isn't it?


Thank you! You're right- I think much of the battle is mental rather than physical. Keep going! You'll get there. x


Jany - also completed w6r1 today. Found it really tough today, but recovering better with a little help from Mr and Mrs White Wine.

Awesome news - bring on w6r2


Aw no! You just get good runs and bad runs, don't you? Haha! I always turn to Senorita Savignon Blanc when I've had a tough day! I'm W6R2 will be absolutely fine- if Andy Murray can run around a court, diving for balls, sliding, jumping and stretching for 2.5 hours +, we can run for 10 minutes, can't we? Let me know how it goes!


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