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Thanks to everyone!

I'd been struggling with week 6 for some time, I know it was all headspace stuff, I just couldn't bear the podcasts, not sure why, but thanks to reading so many great stories on here I got back to it properly today and went for week 7r1 today and had a really fun time! the podcast seemed so much better too...... the whole feel of it.

Thanks again everyone, it really is encouraging to read about other people's experiences.


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Well done for getting going again! It is sometimes easy to lose your mojo but glad you've got over that now. Happy running!


Great news cloudgazer, I got bored by the middle week podcasts too - used my own stuff and a watch. But have to confess to going back just to hear Laura tell me I was really a runner at the end of week 6 :D

Enjoy your last few long runs on the programme - you know how long they're supposed to last so you'll be fine however you go. Not too long til graduation now, so keep up the positive attitude and good work!

Cheers, Linda x


Oh - thanks so much for the extra encouragement!! I'm feeling pretty good right now about it all again! :)


Glad to hear you've got back into it. The podcast music didn't suit me, the speed was all wrong, so I made my own running playlist with music I like, at beats per minute that suit my running speed. From Week 7 you don't really need to listen to Laura, although the encouragement and support probably helps.


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