Couch to 5K

Head start

I completed run 1, week 5 yesterday and am really enjoying the programme. I used to run - was 'good at' cross country at school, payed sports etc, then carried on a bit through my 20s and 30s. Children and life got in the way, and I started to think of myself as someone who didn't or even couldn't run. After my friends stayed with me and completed the Edinburgh marathon, I was so inspired that I started this programme. And now, headphones in and listening to Laura and her truly terrible support bands, I can tell myself that I do seem to be running, despite myself. What's more, I've managed each week without any problem (apart from shin splints in week 3 but new Brooks runners sorted them out) and am starting to believe that those fleeting moments when my legs are running and my head is contemplating the view will soon become the norm, and I won't be thinking about my breathing/knees/wobbly bits. I know that for me, if my head's in the right place, the rest will follow. Feeling great!!


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