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Week 8 Run 2 the first run in the rain

Following on from my last post I can confirm that I am addicted after deciding to go out for a run in the rain this evening! I would never have believed that I would be voluntarily going out for a run on a cold wet evening, but I did. And what a run it was, the 28 mins seemed much easier than run 1 and at the end I was able to pick up some serious pace for the last minute, maybe we should be running a little quicker in the middle of the session. 30 mins now seems very achievable with the aim of then getting to 5k. If anyone is having doubts about the programme then please don't. The progress I've made over the past eight weeks has been amazing, from not being able to run for a minute to actually looking forward to running for 28. Over 40, over weight and overjoyed!

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Well done! Super blog, and I can feel your pride in your achievement! I went out tonight in the rain with my daughter, who is on week 3, then carried on to do another 4km on my B210K plan, she took a pic of me when her podcast finished and wrote lovely stuff on facebook about me inspiring her... I am so pleased because I have got so much out of the program and sing it praises to everyone, have got at least 5 people at my workplace into it, and now my daughter. yay! :-)

Graduation is just around the corner for you, enjoy it, and keep blogging with your post c25k progress! :-)


Well done you and congrats upon your new addiction! Who would have thought it, eh? I sure didn't expect to get out in the cold winter we had ... but I did and haven't looked back ... this programme is amazing and works. Soooo pleased for you... not long now til you graduate! Have you tried just running through puddles for the hell of it.... probably not done that since you were three... but it's a blast! :D Cheers, Linda (over 60 and overweight too ... yippeeee - life's great)


Enjoyed your blog and well done on your progress. I agree, running can be addictive - nice addiction though. I find I'm climbing the walls if I don't do it regularly and I quite enjoyed running in the rain first time I had to do that. All the best with your last few runs of this programme and good luck for your graduation.


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