Couch to 5K

W8R2 under my belt

Wore my Lycra leggings again today and was much comfier :) It isn't very warm out (about 15 degrees I think), so I did put my log sleeved top on again.

Decided to explore a bit along some different tracks through the fields. In general it was okay, but I did slip and slide in mud that was more like cow pat consistency; there are no cows nearby so I know it was mud. This meant that I ran in the longer grass, which is new for me. i guess that gave me a bit of resistance training that I am not used to running on stony tracks or tarmac. I might feel it tomorrow.

I did find that my left foot ached a bit towards the end (on the inside edge, from big toe joint toward instep), I wonder if it was complaining from being twisted, slipped and generally taking the strain out there tonight. Will need to watch that because I do not want to get injured now.

It seems right to try all the new stuff whilst still under the watchful eye of Laura and with the support of you guys. I think it really is more about the confidence to try (i.e. in my head).

and my final thought for tonight ..............

..... I have only 4 runs left before I graduate!!!!! :D


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