Couch to 5K

WK5 D2

Ran 10 minutes! Woooooop!

So today I did the 8mins then 5min walk then 10 mins runnnnnnning!

Went for the sad tactic again - radiohead etc., feeling thoroughly sorry for myself and all that has gone wrong with my life.

But it worked! Got lost in my thoughts and it was over really quickly!

When I was nearing the end I even put on a super-angry track and sprinted the last 30 seconds!

Buuuut gotta take on the epic 20min run next - let you know how I get on!

2 Replies

Well done! Sounds like you smashed it!

I've never tried the sad tactic before....might have to try it!

Good luck for 'that' run....doesn't sound like you need it though :-)


Well done. Isn;t it great being able to run 10 mins straight. Just'll find the 20 minutes run a piece of cake!!


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