Couch to 5K

Starting week five.....dam my thunder thighs!

Just completed run 1 week 5. Did it ,but hate the heavy leg feeling that I keep getting. Does anyone else have this problem. I am slowly losing weight but have always had thunder thighs. My breathing and recovery time between runs is pretty good for a fattie,but I do really feel my legs on longer runs.They just feel so heavy and I am conscious of having to lift them up with every step. I hope as I continue to lose weight this will improve as they won't have to be subjected to carrying such a wide load. However as I push on through this programme I need some advice on how to deal with this. After a run the muscles in my legs stiffen up and ache like heck when i am not active making me really appreciate the day off before the next run. I run outdoors x country on bridleways and the ground is quite rough but I love being outdoors and avoid roadwork because I like to take my dog with me.

Any advice much appreciated.x

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Well done for getting this're almost half way to a shiny badge! Have you tried doing thigh stretches after your run?


No I haven't tried that but will. Have just got in from doing some jobs outside . I have a lot of animals to tend at home, and I really start to feel it in my legs when I have stopped and sit down for the evening. When I go to get up again my legs feel stiff and achey.


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