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Nearly There, just 2 runs to go

Week 9 - Run 1 completed this morning for a 30 minute run, actually it was 32½ minutes as Laura went walkabout for a couple of minutes mid run and left me on my own. I'm still running at a steady pace completing 4km on the treadmill today and it'll likely be a similar speed for run 2 and 3. As a larger gent who has spent too much time commuting in the car over the past few years I'm very conscious that I've got to build up the speed and distance slowly and the C25K has been excellent for this. The stable conditions in the gym such as steady speed, no dogs, no potholes, no weather and flat roads made it easy to keep to the schedule but my next aim is to complete a Parkrun, there's one not far away.

One final goal though. I've looked at the sizes for the graduate tee shirts. Let's just say that I've got a bit more weight loss to achieve before I can comfortably fit into one. If I need another challenge this has to be it, having the shirt on the wardrobe door and not being able to fit into it will be an everyday reminder that the work isn't yet done.

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go for it! so close to graduation and then on to stage 2 - best of luck :)


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