Couch to 5K

Week 2 competed

Fresh back from W2R3 and have that lovely post-run warmth in my leg muscles. To start with I though it was going to be one of them runs; legs wouldn't get going and just could not get my breathing right at all for the majority of the run, but, I persevered and even went a route with a slight hill climb just to show determination and finished the run nicely.

There is a country road section that is supposed to be 20mph speed limit that nobody takes the blind bit of notice of. I walk my dogs this way to begin with and am always nervous of silly drivers trying to overtake me on a blind corner. Have seen a few near head on collisions like this. To get that bit over quickly I run it, so did some extra today even though i said I was going to stick rigidly to program.

Chest still a little sticky and weather felt quite close today so think i did quite well. Role on week 3 :)

My daughter text me yesterday having done w2r3. It was but a year ago roughly she was having her back operation. She is so proud of her efforts and I'm very proud of her. Bad news is she may have shin splints, so is off to doc's to get advice. hope this doesn't set her back. Watch this space .....

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I should have done W2R3 this morning but didn't get around to it so will finish W2 in the morning. Good luck with W3 and I shall be thinking of you when I am out on Monday doing the same. All the best with the remainder of your programme.


Many thanks Fitmo. Willl probabaly be starting week 3 tomorrow or sunday will see how the day pans out. So week two complete for you tomorrow too, great stuff, we will have to keep each other energised and enthused :-)


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