Couch to 5K

Week 8 Run 1&2

Wow, what a difference to last week. I found the 25min runs in week 7 hellish, this morning... Yes just now (it's only 6.05am) I completed 5.73km in 44 mins... Ok so I cheated and ran an additional 5 mins, but I felt like I could so why not. I've really enjoyed these two runs and the fact that I did over the 28 mins makes me confident that I'll graduate next week at doing 30mins.

Got to get my skates on though got a 10km in September and half marathon in October... I will do it !

Any ideas on nutrition anyone? I've started weight watchers but I still want to make better choices for my running ? Garbled blog... But very excited and it is only 6.17am when I'm finishing this .. Lol.


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