W8R1 - 28 sweaty minutes

Well, yesterday I got it wrong....

Got home from work and wanted to run, my Nanny had the kids all sorted and ready in PJ's so it felt ok (knowing that I also have a couple of non-run days ahead of me due to work reasons).

First my 3 year old starts to kick off - he still thinks that if I go for a run it might be forever.

Then I have to have a "conversation" with my 8 year old as he went to play in the park next to our house, and went AWOL (inside a friends house, next to said playground). Freaking out our poor Nanny.

It was only about 12 degrees out, so I put on tracksuit trousers and long sleeve top. Distract 3 year old and get going. By 5 minutes running I was sooooo hot I wanted to stop. I normally wear lycra leggings (below knee) and the tracksuit trousers were too thick and hot. My legs were sticking to the insides. Bleurgh.

Then I started to warm up on my upper body, I unzipped my top and flapped it a bit. But I couldn't take it off easily as I had my iPod strapped to my arm over the top. Also I am not that adept to run and do anything else at the same time. So I was worried I would trip over and injure myself.

So I kept going and the sleeve of my top served as a FANTASTIC sweatband to mop my brow.

The time dragged. I wondered at what intervals Laura would be telling me my progress. She kept me guessing each time. My sticky legs didn't want to run, my brain also didn't want to comply.

I kept going and I have no idea how I managed to make it to the magic 60 seconds left. But I did and it felt okay, not great, not terrible, but okay enough to keep my technique and finish.

My 3 year old welcomed me home with a HUGE hug and kiss and "good run Mummy?". I took that to mean I was forgiven for abandoning him. The 6 & 8 year olds welcomed me with a grunt each as they were completely absorbed by a Mr Bean DVD. Although I was told later that next time they want to run with me. :)

Tomorrow I will do it again and I won't make the same mistakes again (on clothing or kids) :D


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4 Replies

  • Good job pushing through the many, many obstacles in your way lol, and getting on with your run despite it all. Sounds like you are a dedicated woman!

  • You did it, that is the main thing.

    I always run in shorts and a T-Shirt (lightweight breathable thing). OK, it can be a bit chilly when I start walking, but after 2 minutes of running, I am quite warm enough.

    As for kids, hmmm. Can't comment. I run first thing in the morning before anyone else gets up. My boy has only just managed to drag himself out of bed by the time I get back. As for coming with me, you would have to be kidding.

    Good luck on the re-run. Mojo only seems to slip for one run in my experience. The re-run will be a cracker I am sure.

  • Well done for not giving up. You're nearly there!!!

  • Well done - you kept going despite it all! :) And it's lovely when the children (and occasionally even the husband!) are so encouraging, too. I get a real boost from being asked if I had a good run - no idea why, maybe just the simple demonstration of interest in something that I'm doing for me! - and both my girls (9 and 11) now want to run with me. I think it's just cos they're embarassed that their old mum can run quicker and further than they can, but anyway...! :)

    Enjoy your run today :)

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