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Week 8 Run 1 - RoboRunner!

Week 7 Run 3, as I have blogged before was a real No-MoJo run for me.Today was so different. A better frame of mind, and man on a mission.The bad day is behind me, the godd days are ahead.

Today would be 28 minutes, so I will run it through to 30 minutes if I am up to it. If still going strong, make it the full 30 minute run. (35 mins in total). I immediately set off on a better more fluid pace, not daunted by the mental hill of 28 minutes.

The time clicked by nicely, I wasn't longing the minutes by. And the pace, was good, really good!. The music was awful really awful. I'm wondering what it will be like running to my own music (big Pink Floyd fan, and that isn't running music - any suggestions?)

At 35 minutes when I stopped running, according to RunKeeper, I had covered 6.1Km, take off the 0.6Km from my warm up walk, and I had run 5.5K in 30 minutes. 5K in just over 27 minutes. A new PB, and it felt great. Considering 400m was an issue 3 months ago, this is amazing.

I can only put this down to changing my pace to a more fluid one. Oh, and long legs help.I'm 6 foot, so a decent stride length makes a big difference.

Can't wait for Friday Week 8 Run 2 (I hate no-run days :-( )

Thanks for all the blogs, I love to read what everyone else is doing, and hearing about the good days and bad days.


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Yay :). Fab news Nerdio.

My W8R1 was a little different yesterday (think we swapped Mojo)... I will try to blog it in a moment.

Got to agree on the music too!


It's funny how one day it all just clicks and it's a good run, and other days you just feel like you are plodding round so you can say 'Did that one'.

I hope your next run goes better


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