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Intervals Finished

We all my interval runs are done and dusted and now it is time to harden up and get some long runs happening. I have been doing my running on a treadmill, which has been great as it is so cold at the moment but am really looking forward to the spring weather in a couple of months time and being able to head outdoors knowing that I can actually do it. I do not like running at all and unfortunately my head has been telling me for so long now that I can't possibly run (I'm 40 now not 14) and I have been so excited to prove my head wrong and simply keep going. I will be doing Week 7 Run 3 tomorrow after having a rest day today and I can't wait :-) And I also can't wait to get to a stage where I love running......

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Well done! I'm 45 and if anyone had said to me earlier in the year I'd be running just 5 minutes (am just on Week 5) I'd have laughed in their faces. I'm actually just starting to enjoy it. Keep going.


Forty? Only 40? You're only a baby! Some of us on here are pensioners and wish we were only 40 again! Well done for setting out on this programme! Give your head a serious talking to and keep on getting out there!


Thanks guys, we are certainly a new generation of runners aren't we :-) 6 weeks ago I could barely get through the 3 minute runs so now that I can run for 20-25 minutes is an amazing achievement.....I am really looking forward to doing some fun runs later in the year and also looking to go beyond the 5 km mark and be able to run 10 kms....gotta have goals :-)


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