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Oh Ma Gawd!

After much deliberation and ponderment (not a proper word I know but I like it!), the BF & I have finally bought ourselves a treadmill - eek!

Argos had a decent (so say the reviews) Reebok ZR8 at a reasonable £399 (£650 at Next!). My parents have loaned us the money (love you guys xxx) which we can pay back over the next 5 / 6 months. 2 memberships and petrol for a year costs us roughly £1200 so we are definitely going to save money. But most importantly we can exercise when we want and without having to think about the commute!

***For those of you who are tutting at the cost and muttering "save money and run outside - it's FREE". I know that but I have "issues" with outside (I like running without my glasses on for example - see my other posts)***

Anyway it was delivered today after a bit of a faff (about an hour late) and we've just unpacked it. It weighs about 12 stone and the box was soooooooooo big, the 2 of us could lie flat in it! A bit of tinkering and a LOT of polystyrene later, it's up and running. The BF had a bit of a go on it and seems to like it but the big test will be tomorrow morning when I attempt my first run in God knows how long. It's a beast of a machine and I hope I get on with it!

I've fallen off the wagon a bit since mid May where I haven't stuck to my usual thrice weekly 30 min runs. I've had my fun (mostly food - lovely, lovely food) so now I need to get back to it! I'm planning on starting gently, with a 15 min run. Then I want to build back up to 30 mins and then push on to running 5k. I'm also thinking about doing the 5:2 diet and the 30 Day Shred during July and August so that I can look totally hot on holiday in September!

Wish me luck guys and gals xxx

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Ooh, lucky you getting your own shiny new treadmill! :) (I have free access to one, but it's old, and in what's basically an outhouse with some gym equipment. And lots of spiders. *shudder*

As you say now, there'll be no excuses for you ;) Hope you had fun this morning :)

Happy running!


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