Couch to 5K

My first proper 5k :-)

I did my second post grad run tonight. Last week I did 5km but included the warm up and warm down walks in the distance. Tonight I thought I try running the whole 5k and I did it! I only stopped once to cross the road safely. My time or new pb is 42 minutes 36 seconds which I'm really pleased with as I was only doing about 3.5km in my 30 minute runs and 5km seemed a lifetime away. Can't believe I can run 5k!

My training plan is now going to be one 5k run a week, one 30 minute run a week and if I want to do three runs a week then an interval or speed run.

My long term aim is to do a park run. The slowest time in my local one is 40 minutes. I don't mind being last but I don't want to be last by more than a few minutes. It now looks like I'll be able to enter myself in a few weeks when I've done a few more 5ks. I'm feeling really good about the running now. Can't wait to get out there again!

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Sounds like an excellent plan. Well done on your 5k. I'm going for an interval/hilly run today, but keeping it short.


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