Couch to 5K

Will I, Won't I?

My gym is having a 5k fun run tomorrow evening. I'm not sure I'll make it in time after work but I've signed up for it anyway. I'm just worried that as it is from the gym everyone is going to be so much faster than me. I've had a couple of good runs in the last week but in a more slow and steady to get back into it kind of way. I know it's a "fun" run and I don't mind being last as long as it's not by a looooooong way! If I'm there on time I might set out on it and if everyone else shoots off ahead I'll just plod for a while and turn back.

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Good luck to you! Don't think about turning back - not yet anyway. You will probably surprise yourself once you're out there running. Hope it goes well for you!


Did it! And wasn't last - woohoo! A few really young people were quite a bit behind me. Did it in 37 minutes which wasn't too bad considering it was after a days work, crossing roads, steps, dodging people etc.


WELL DONE YOU! Bet you are proud of yourself - you should be!


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