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Week 5 and I made it!

I am in my late 30's, very unfit, well when I started 5 weeks ago and smoked for a good 15 years (quit over a year ago). Anyway, I could not run a few feet down the road when I started as I got very out of breath, my calfs seized and generally always been rubbish at fitness. Well today I completed a whole 20 minutes running with week 5 run 3. I am so proud of myself. I would have never done this without these podcasts. At the start of the run I thought no way I would do it, then I reached 10 minutes, by 15 I wanted to stop but I though no, no, no, keep going, only 5 minutes left!. I had an app on my phone and it said I had run 1.59 miles by the end of it. So chuffed. Keep on running guys.

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Well done, feels great doesn't it. There's more great feelings to come, but take it easy in week 6 as its very easy to become complacent in the first couple of runs and lots of people have had bad runs as a result. Take it easy and build back up to run 3 of week 6, 25 minutes!

Keep up the positive mental attitude, keep the legs moving and before you know it you'll be a graduate! Well done.


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