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Post-rest chest

Good day to you all. I decided to give my chest a bit of a break over the weekend to try clear this infection properly my last run being Wednesday.

Was up and out quickly as partner needed to be out and so didn't have the usual wake up routine I like to have. Run was interesting, tiring due to chest being still a little gunky but nice. Decided not to start the whole week again, just pick up where i left off. Winds had died down from yesterday which was just as well and sun was shining, what a lovely way to re-enter the program.

One gripe only. The canal path where I run is really broken up and worn down now, needs some resurfacing done ala further into town (Chester), I'm thinking it is probably making runs harder too. W2R3 on Thursday hopefully :)

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It's a pity canal towpaths are not looked after better in some areas, they are by far some of the nicest places to run. Hope your chest infection clears up soon and all the very best with your running.


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