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1 run left - three thoughts: weight loss, difficult runs and distance mapping

Only just got round to writing but I have been lurking and encouraged by everyone else for a long time.

So, nearly at the end and I have learned three things:

Weight loss: I wanted to lose 2 pounds, and actually gained three in the early weeks. I was reassured by lots of posts about retaining water when you first start running. Well I think it is true. In week 7 I lost 3 pound, and last week I lost two. So it has taken 8 weeks to lose just 2 pounds in real terms, but it did happen!

Difficult runs: I've have had three really hard runs in a row where after 10 minutes I wanted to quit and my legs were like lead. I have kept going and on Wk9 r2 I have completed 5k in 29 mins 20 seconds. I can't believe it and would encourage everyone to keep going even when it's tough!

Distance mapping: I have been using Runkeeper which I like but I am not sure how accurate it is in my area. Today it said I ran 8 miles in 29 minutes - clearly not true! So I used mapometer's website to map the exact route I took. I have been running the same route for weeks and Runkeeper is normally tracking it too short. So I would definitely recommend mapometer to plan a 5k and route and then run it.

Ahh, hark at me the expert! Just noticed that these things keep coming up on threads and it's nice to have some answers :)

Thanks to all the other bloggers for keeping me going

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Just had a look at Mapometer, that's great, just what you need on the longer runs to stop you from 'running out of road'. And accurate too. :-)


I was told not to worry about weight per se but to measure your arms, waist, thighs and hips, then measure again a few weeks later. you're turning fat to muscle which actually weighs more, but you shrink whilst doing it. Eventually the weight loss comes too but what you really need is a boost to the self esteem, not to worry too much about the pounds. I lost 2 dress sizes without losing any weight at all.

Also useful is sportstracker app and

Good luck and here's to graduation!


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