Couch to 5K

Picked up on week 8 run 1 after one week off - and it was ok!


I was on holiday last week and despite all the best intentions I did not do any running.

So this morning I thought I would repeat week 7, the last week I completed but a red mist came over me and I kept running after Laura said to stop! Finished the full 28 minutes and my total distance is now 4.65 km.

I was soooo pleased that a week off did not halt my progression - just 5 runs left until graduation and then who knows what ???

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Congrats Lingmell. I too have had some time off since completing week 7 and went out and did run 1 or w8 and managed it . Hopefully I'll be back up to good distances again soon.:D again congrats to you, its wonderful news :)


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