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Sub 30 minute 5KM ............. for real this time!

Morning Runners!

A couple of weeks ago I ran my first Parkrun. I came away from this with two things. Firstly, Parkruns are great fun and, in my opinion, ideal for post-graduation runs.

But secondly, it highlighted the fact that RunKeeper was not nearly as accurate as I had believed. My 5km Parkrun was actually 5.32km (according to RunKeeper).

This was a big set back for me at the time. I was so pleased when I ran 5km in under 30 minutes, it was so important to me to do that but running a measured 5km like a Parkrun (in 30:22) made me realise that in actual fact, I hadn't run 5km in under 30 minutes. It was probably about 4.7-4.8km.

I struggled with this 'bombshell' for a time. Each time I've been out running since it's lingered in the back on my mind that my progress on RunKeeper was inaccurate. And that the milestones I thought I'd achieved I would have to do again. It felt like a huge step backwards.

So, this weekend I lined up for my second Parkrun, something I had looked forward to since the moment I received my 30:22 result, confirming my suspicions about my times!

And I'm over to moon. 29 minutes and 2 seconds!

Back on track! Milestone achieved for real. A sub 30 minute 5km!

Now, RunKeeper can say what ever the hell it likes! :-)

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Well done! I use Nike + running to measure my runs, I know it isn't 100% accurate and I'll be able to check this weekend when I go on my first parkrun.


fantastic, I bet you were over the moon, thats a great time...well done :)


Congratulations, glad you've achieved your goal and don't need to worry about that al anymore, just need to set your next goal :-)


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