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I find these blogs inspirational. So thank you to you all for writing. I think I'll do the same. My fear on today's run was that my calves were aching just as I was doing the warm up???!!!! I had stretched well beforehand. As I'm typing this my ankle and knee on my left leg are aching. After reading some of the others posts I am getting "it" a little more as I am now running for 25mins. Odd how 25 mins is so much harder than the 20 which I was completely comfortable with. I'm thinking a couple of days off to let the ankle and knee recover, but no rest for the wicked as I've signed up to a 10k in September, and half marathon in October! I WILL get this done.

Considering 5k for British legion in July too. ;-)

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Just a may be that you should ease off the stretching beforehand! A huge number of blogs have suggested that the warm up walk is all that's required before the journey and after the session is when you should be doing some gentle stretches so that your muscles and joints start their recovery and strengthening.

As for the ankle and knee pains starting in one leg now, consider and try to analyse your footfall as you are getting into the longer and maybe 'ploddier' sessions. I suspect that as you progress and gain a little speed, your foot does not quite land as gently or evenly as it did in earlier weeks - this is usually what causes the ankle and then the knee to complain as they try to find/maintain a correct balance with your other leg in your gait.

Possible solutions: you may find slowing down helps a little or maybe you now need an insole or slightly more supportive running shoe to get you on your way onwards and upwards - pain free!

Good luck with all those noble causes and challenges - it's you that is inspirational! ;)

Cheers, Linda :)


Thanks Linda... I'll try anything. I had my gait analysed on the weekend and I have an over pronation. I've bought suitable trainers now. Here's to week 8! :-)


Great, I discovered I too was 'over pronating' (almost sound dodgy, doesn't it ;) .... around week 3 or 4). Got myself new runners and haven't had a prob since! :D all the best x


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