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Everything conspiring against me

Had a tooth out on Friday which was pretty horrific and been on pain meds and antibiotics since. Been feeling pretty urgh as the pain is not good. I've to go back for surgery in a month. I stopped listening at the talk of 40 min appointments, sutures and drilling. Plus I'm in Scotland and although beautiful it's torrential gales and rain which isn't good. We can barely walk in it! I'm sat in my tent now trying to fix a puncture in my air bed so I can sleep. Will try to run tomorrow but not sure. Pain meds and travel sickness tablets = woozy :( happy (windy) Sunday. x

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That sounds totally **** Joanne. I wish you well and hope you get some sleep.

What the hell are you doing in a tent in Scotland????


I'm no doctor, but I can sympathise about having gnashers out; my wife split a tooth recently, got an abscess behind it and had to have antibiotics and an extraction. She has been off running for a few weeks with that and writing school reports.

My best advice is to listen to your body. If it says that you are OK to run, try it; if it say NO WAY, rest until it is better.

It really is much better to take a small break now than to get injured/become poorly and have to take far more time off. I speak from personal (knee) experience here.

Get well, look after yourself and good luck with the air bed.


Thank you guys. I did run this morning. Only 30 mins but still something:)


Hey I feel your pain (literally) my tooth I had out last week is just about healed. But like you got to go back in a month for a surgical extraction plus loads more £400 my estimated bill is going to be. At least the dentist will get a nice holiday this year !!! You done better than me, I could only manage an 18 minute run. Im in Scotland too so I had the same weather as you for my run. Lovely stuff. :-) hope your pain lessens soon, take care x


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