Couch to 5K

Week 5 R1

As a long term lurker i thought I should finally start to contribute to the forum.

I started the c25k mainly as a way to try to combat stress. My work is very pressured and I needed a release. Weight loss and fitness are secondary drivers.

I completed my w5 r1 this evening and found it challenging but easier than I thought it was going to be prior to setting off. Like most on here seem to I have half an eye on W5r3 and although I'm not dreading it i just can't believe I have the ability to achieve it. I am hoping I will be surprised, I do have faith in the programme it's got me this far after all but it just seems such a big step up.

One thing I noticed in W4 and again today is that the first 5 minute run I do seems to be the hardest, my legs feel heavy and my breathing is not great, I complete them then have the walk and then the next run seems to be a lot better. This confuses me a little as I would have assumed it would be the opposite and the more tired I get the harder it becomes. I'm guessing its something to do with getting into a rhythm. Any ideas?

Rest day tomorrow then R2 Tuesday. I will try to be less lurker more contributor as I move through the programme. Other people's posts on progress have proven a good source of motivation so maybe mine will also.


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I still find the first five mins the hardest. On the longer runs it definitely gets easier in the second half. I think it's just a case of getting fully warmed up and into a good rhythm. Don't worry about wk5 r3, just focus on keeping a steady pace and ease back a little if you have to. The sense of achievement you will feel afterwards is fantastic.


Hi Kungfoo... I've been a lurker too. You've coaxed me out! I too find the first run the hardest and by the last I'm finding I'm into a rhythm and actually enjoying myself. I'm on the last run of week 4 today .... not looking ahead at all but taking each week as it comes so pleased to see you're managing week 5. Well done!


I'm on W9 and I'm still finding the first 5 minutes the worst! Good luck with the rest of the week. You'll be amazed how well you do on ruun 3!!


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