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Week 9, run 3 - massive pass!

After giving up on Friday evening, I'm delighted to say that I completed the final run tonight. Not only that but I also did my best times so far too so I'm very happy tonight. I got it right this time and had a long gap between my lunch and going for the run, and I wasn't tired so all was good. The determination was there and it all went really well. Map My Run also worked so I can look back at how I did properly.

I started out on the program in mid-March so it's taken me well over the 9 weeks. At first I just always felt that the next week would be too hard after only 3 runs so I did weeks 1, 2, 3 and 4 at least 5 times each. It was only on week 5 run 3 when I shocked myself by managing the 20 minutes that I realised I could do this. Like others, I then struggled going back to running then walking and then running again in week 6. I had a few issues with my legs along the way so had quite a few failed runs but each time I came back stronger and at least I was still getting out exercising which was more than I did in the past.

As for now, my next aim is to run the 5k in 30 minutes as I'm up to about 4.5k, but for now I'll just enjoy the moment!! Thanks to people on this forum for their support as it does make a difference and its helped to keep me motivated. Now to get my graduate badge!

Good luck to everyone still working their way through the program.

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Congratulations! And great distance too. There's always time to increase your speed later, stamina and time run is the most important at the moment. Well done! :)


Cool beans Jenster. Congrats to you.


Well done on graduating. All the very best with your post-graduate runs.


Congrats well done you.


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