Couch to 5K

Post grad run 1

Went out for my first run since graduation on Monday past.

Haven't made a playlist yet so it was a random album, Kelly Clarkson, not bad music to run to actually.

Decided to run until I started to feel tired no matter how short / long that was.

The farmer has cut down all the long grass in the field outside our house, so done 2 laps round the field, which came to 2.44 km, in just under 19 minutes,

Not great, I could have went longer, but I don't want to push it, as I'm still feeling a little bit, not quite right. not bad or sore, just not quite myself yet.

And was quite right to as the moment I slowed to a walk and was about to climb the fence, I felt really really sick, only for about 5 seconds and it was gone just like that. Maybe just slowed too quickly and too much adrenaline ? who knows. Been fine since, but taking it easy I think, I do have a massive hole in my jaw. :-O

Also In need of new trainers as there is a hole in the heel of mine and the horrible hard plastic bit is jagging into my foot, not so nice.

Any recommendation folks. For someone on a budget.

Hope everyone's had a great weekend running, its a case of dodge the rain shower here :-)

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hope your feeling better now, be sure you are drinking enough and just take it jently, sports direct were really helpful for cheap running shoes, no gait analysis but they have a device for assessing flat feet/high arch etc and were really helpul, loads of choice aswell,


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