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2nd time lucky!

I went out this morning to have another go at the biggy! W5R3! It was by no means easy and I wanted to give up lots of times, but I did it! Just kept pushing myself. Someone on here gave me great advice last week. You just have to put up with uncomfortable feeling of being slightly out of breath. So true! My legs were fine, but it a mix between the mental challenge and the breathing that made it difficult for me! So pleased with myself! It was a little bit mizzly and there was quite a strong wind,but I think this may have helped me! Onwards to week 6!

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i know what you mean i just seem to breath out all the time clearly i must breath in at some point I just don't recognise doing so.

anyway well done thats a bloody hard run mentally as well as physically enjoy the feeling:)


Well done. It's a great feeling. Good luck and keep running.


great job done, I did w5r3 on my 3rd attempt - a great feeling :)


Congratulations! That's brilliant! I'm tackling W5R3 on Tuesday- had a brilliant W5R2 yesterday evening and I think it might be tempting fate to expect two good runs in a row. We'll see...


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