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OMG my first 10K run and I really enjoyed it!!!

I started the c25k plan back in February being really unfit and having a disc problem in my neck. I graduated at the end of April and although could run 5k still found it so hard and can't say I enjoyed it but it gave me a great feeling of achievement afterwards and my physio has been really pleased with my neck problem so I kept it up. A week after graduating I tried going too fast too soon and ended up taking a week of complete rest due to torn muscles. Speed comes naturally on these shorter runs when you start running further.

Got back to running with the idea that I must go slower so as not to risk having to take time out again this was my turning point what a difference a few seconds slower per kilometre makes. This time I have listened to my body on a bad run if I only managed a 20 minute run then so be it, 20 minutes not so long ago was a huge task!! I still have bad runs but these are now about the 4 to 5 kilo mark so pleased even with those. When my body tells me I am having a good run I go for covering more distance and when its not I just go for how far my body wants to as I am still out there getting fitter and just never listen to my head as often that would tell me not even to go out!!!

Today I was having a good run so decided to push my distance and have been working on getting to 10k so I went for it when I got to 10k in 62 minutes I was elated so finished the course I was running and actually run 10.32k I felt I had much more in the tank but decided not to risk any injury and stop and next time work on furthering it.

I would like to say to all you newbies and those on the c25k this course is so achievable to all levels of fitness. Its not a race that has to be done in a set amount of weeks, yes you do need to push yourself mentally but physically you build up for it week by week and every ones bodies are different so what takes someone a week may take you slightly longer.

Stick at it you might actually find it enjoyable later on. For me 5k is now what I class as an enjoyable recovery run when my body doesn't feel like exercise and I only ever set out to achieve 5k!!!

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Well done :)

I can't imagine gettin to the stage where 5k is the easy option ha ha!!


Oh you will.....I remember thinking at the beginning if I am finding 60 seconds so hard how will I ever get to 30 minutes!!! Just stick to it and each week you will notice how shorter distances no longer bother you I remember on one of my first long runs of the c25k think oh thank you Laura only 5 minutes left!! Happy running!!


It's such a revelation isn't it when you realise you have to go slower to get faster :-) congrats on the 10K


Yes it is who would have thought !


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