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I did it , I did it , I did it !!!!

Not long back from the dreaded W5 R3 and I managed the whole 20 minutes, not going to lie it was really tough but just kept trying to let my mind wander rather than wait for Laura to tell me how far I had gone.

I never in a million years thought I would be able to do this looking back at myself 5 weeks ago but walked home with a massive grin on my face .......Happy Girly !!!

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Well done!!! We all knew you could do it as we have all had the doubts as well. It is a great feeling. Just wait until you have finished wk6 run3 and Laura tells you "you are officially a runner". I think I grinned the whole of the rest of the day yesterday after hearing that. Keep it up. Good luck.


Yeah yeah yeah!!! Kabooom! Brapbrapnrap!!!

Well done LINER Girly. You did good gerlfrenn! So enjoy your Week5 20 mins run cos you deserve a massive pat on the back.

Now make sure you treat Week 6 Run 1 with respect. Don't attack it like you can kick it's bum and just do it - it is HARD but not THAT hard if you treat it with respect. I attacked week 6 and ended up with my tail betwixt my legs! Hahaha!


Hey, congrats, well done, great feeling isn't it. love a happy blog, can feel your happiness. Good luck for the rest of the programme, you've done it, 20 minutes, yah ! x


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