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W6R1,2&3 Hard

I've just completed week 6 and found it really hard. My pace has reduced drastically and I'm therefore not hitting the milestones I was previously achieving ... Distance wise! I monitored today's actual run rather than warm ups and run and I ran 3.59km in 25 mins... Is this slow, average, good or bad.. As I've been timing the entire runs until today I am on a bit of a downer. And Tuesday I have 28minutes to do.... I'm getting worried that I'll lose my mojo.

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I personally don't think it matters what the distance or timings are as long as you complete the programme. Once you graduate then you can concentrate on speed. I think Wk7 is three runs of 25 minutes. I think it is wk8 when it increases to 28 minutes. Don't be so hard on yourself and just enjoy it. Good luck.


That's a good time in my book. Keep that pace and you'll be doing great.

Week 6 is really hard. I found it the hardest (I'm on Week 9) as it's a transition week from interval running to constant running. It's almost like leaving primary school and starting at the big school! Scary and difficult but once you're in, it gets easier.

So your mojo isn't lost. I think you;re doing great!


Thanks both. Cross fingers... Bought new trainers especially for running now so want to get my use out of them.


I think that sounds fine. I'm about the same pace as you - I've just finished week nine and managed 4.1k on my final run.

I HATED week six and really struggled with all of the runs. But then weeks seven, eight and nine were much better. It turns out that I get on better without the intervals, even though the sound of longer runs were intimidating. I know lots of people on here have reported the same thing so it may well be the same for you too.

The other thing is that you already know you can do 25 mins... now you get to do that 3 more times, then then 3 lots of 28 mins, then 3 lots of 30mins... and each one is achievable because it's only a few more minutest than you already know you can do.

Go for it, and we'll all be cheering you on :-)


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