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Ouch and pregnancy update!

I am now 17 weeks pregnant! Which has flown by. Having been determined to keep it up i had an awful few weeks, just sooooo tired, managed to go out just once a week for about 3 weeks then struggled back up to twice a week! Also having reached week 9, I lost my confidence and convinced myself I couldn't do it any more so returned to doing 20 min and 25 min runs! Also really feeling the difference with loose hips and knees!

But with RFL looming I decided I had to at least see what I could do and luckily for me a friend/relative of mine offered to join me on a sunday afternoon run and hey presto I did it! a 30 min week 9 run, 4.5k and I knew I could do the extra 500 metres if I HAD to!

So went to RFL knowing I could finish which was great! I really wanted a sub 35min time but ended up with 37.5min (the first 10K runner did 42 mins LOL!) But I am happy with that time for the following reasons

1. It was such a hilly route!

2. It was ALL on grass (and tree roots!) and I run mainly on road

3. there were several bottle necks in the route where everyone had to wait their turn!(grrrr)

4. I felt my hip "go" at the 4K mark but kept going!

5. LOADS of so called joggers kept walking and getting in my way!

6. I RAN 5K for the FIRST TIME SINCE I WAS 18 AND I am 17 weeks pregnant!!

Go me!! So now I have finally, in a round about way, completed 3 week 9 runs (actually probably more like 5!) does that count as graduating and how do I get my badge?

Finally, am now easing off, so glad I reached my goal of completing RFL but I really did my hip in and suffering with muscle andjoint pain! Planning to stick to twice a week (going out this afternoon) and just doing what I can until it gets too much! Want to do something so I am not starting from scratch again in January but if that ends up being walking my route by the time I am 30 plus weeks I am happy with that!

Oh and I also raised about £150 for RFL so happy with that too! (thanks to my lovely tutor group arranging a cake sale at school!)

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Amazing - you have done so well. It is not hard excercising while pregnant especially in the early weeks when you are Sooo tired. Remember that pregnancy & breast feeding affect all your joints so do go easy with the running. Maybe try to run on grass or gravel or a tread mill to minimise the impact. I'm still breast feeding & was advised not to increase my distances until I'd stopped breast feeding for at least 3 months as it takes a while for your body to stabilise again. Swimming/cycling/walking (anything low impact) is good though.

Well done on doing your 5k, in my opinion you most definatley have graduated!!! Well done.

Keep at it!


It can't be easy at all while pregnant but yes - I'd say you most certainly have graduated! Really well done to you!!!


I think you've done brilliantly, When I did RFL last year there were many obsticals so to do it in 37 mins is very good, esp when pregnant.

I'm now 27 weeks pregnant and have just given up running for now :( I'm missing it already but trying to do more swimming and yoga which I think will be more beneficial from now on. I just carried on while it felt comfortable but feeling a bit heavy now, and kept needing the loo half way round which doesnt help!


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