Couch to 5K

I've only been and gone and done it!

About an hour ago I got back in from my graduation run and I still have the biggest grin plastered all over my face!

This week was not good for running - two horrible outings on a hotel treadmill and I was still only covering around 3.8k which I had done in Week 8, so I wasn't feeling good about my prospects. On Thursday I had a full day of work on the East Coast and then 10 hours travel to get back home to SF, so although I'd planned to run yesterday I just felt too tired and didn't go out, despite wanting to. I'm glad I waited because today was almost perfect.

Gorgeous sunshine, lovely cool breeze and I felt much better. My breathing wasn't great, it was a bit of a 'pant and gasp' run, but my technique seemed better and I felt like I was running rather than plodding, for a change. And I seem to be a bit quicker outside than I was on the treadmill, because according to Endomondo I managed to cover 4.1k. I'm really thrilled to have broken the 4k barrier because although I'm still nowhere near 5k in 30 minutes, it makes it sound a bit more achievable.

Massive thanks to the NHS for this amazing programme, Laura for being a steadfast companion, and most of all to everyone here for the encouragement and advice which has kept me going during the really tough bits - for me, week six and this week's 'dreadmill' experience (as someone on here called it which really made me laugh). I've learnt so much from all of you, whether it's about setting pace or using the 'I'm a gazelle, I'm a gazelle' mantra which I still do on a tough run, even though I bear much more resemblance to an exhausted tortoise than a gazelle.

Thank you all, and I look forward to much more running and I'll definitely be sticking around in this fantastic community to carry on learning and talking with you all.

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Well done fletchasketch. Keep the weather nice for me. Just completed W7R1 so still on course to start week 8 in Ireland and finish it in SF!!


Thank you! I'll do my best for the weather... the good thing about here is that the weather changes pretty quickly so don't worry if it's grey or foggy when you arrive, you'll still have a really good chance of some nice sunshine. And if it's not great in the city, sometimes it's lovely and sunny just over the bridge in Sausalito, and bound to be hot and sunny about an hour north in Napa or Sonoma. Keep the updates coming, looking forward to hearing how you get on!


Congratulations on graduating. I just might try the 'I'm a Gazelle' mantra but, I must admit, since I got fitted with proper running shoes after gait analysis, my jogging has started to turn into running. All the very best with your follow on programme, whatever it may be.


Thanks Fitmo! Next goal is 5k, then 5k in 30 minutes. Then... who knows? Happy running :-)


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