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W5r3 done!!!!! I'm amazed!!!

I guess what everyone said was right!! All that worry and it was indeed easier than I thought. Don't get me wrong, I was exhausted by the end, but around 8 mins I just seemed to find my rhythm and it was easier than I had imagined!!

I can't believe that 5 wks ago, I decided to try running and, before finding c25k, I tried to throw myself in at the deep end. After 3 mins, I was sore, I was unable to breathe and exhausted. I can hardly believe that just over a month later I have run 20 mins continuously!!

I almost can't wait to move on now and am planning to join a local running club so I don't lose my enthusiasm! Will see how that goes!! My aim is to manage a park run by the end of summer?!?

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Wow!! Well done - that's amazing! I bet all the exhaustion at the end just turned into sheer delight when you realized you'd done it! A fantastic achievement!

I'm about to do my W5R3 in about ten minutes, and I have to say, I feel slightly sick about the whole thing, but if I don't manage it this time I can try again in a couple of days. Reading your post though, has given me that burst of enthusiasm that maybe I will do it after all?! Thank you for inspiring me :-) Well done again to you!!!


Hope your run went well!!!! I'm still a bit amazed at how much I am managing to do. However, looking at some other posts, I'm starting to dread week 6 a little! I think I actually quite liked the idea of no breaks, knowing that when I stop that's it. Sometimes it's a thought to get started again after a walk!!!


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