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I'm back - sort of!

Have managed to get myself a place in the National Lottery Anniversary Run after all so have to try and get a bit of training in in the next four weeks.

Haven't been for a proper run for ages. Had hip problems then just as they were getting better I had a chest infection followed by a streaming head cold and I also had to get a cyst cut out of my head. Was determined to go out this morning and see what I could do. I tried the Audiofuel Rollercoaster which is 40 minutes long and ranges in 150bpm to 165bpm. Think it was a good decision as slowing it right down (not that I was fast before) meant I could keep going and didn't have to stop and walk once. Was quite pleased with myself. Only managed 5k in 41 minutes but it's a start. Think I will try some of the interval training ones next. I know I could have done the 5k quicker if I had some walking breaks but I think I need to improve my stamina.

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