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Not Now Laura

Completed week 6 run 2 tonight in the heat.

Two runs of 10 mins with 3 minute gap.

Why ?

Just enjoying the run and into a rhythm when its time for a walk.

Anyway, followed orders and then decided to run the 5 minute walk at the end as I didnt want to stop and felt good.

This may sound like a rant but its more of a compliment at how good this program is.

6 weeks ago 1 minute runs were enough. Now I am just getting into my stride at 10 minutes.

I wasnt sure about going out tonight but am very glad I did.

Hope this encourages someone who may be finding it hard going.

It really does get easier !

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I am only in week 2 and it seems to me you are doing amazingly well! To me, what you're doing seems like a miracle! Following the programme seems the way forward and you've convinced me of that x


Thanks mica. I guess I am really enjoying it. All thanks to Laura and the podcasts though. They really do seem to work. Good luck with week 2.


I did the same run last night and like you didn't want to stop and walk for 3 mins :). Still that's it now no more walking in between runs!


Yep, no more pit stops. Like your tortoise photo. Think it might have passed me on one of the early runs...


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