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Basking in the glow of success

To anyone out there wondering if they will manange the week 5 run 3 (20 minutes continuous running) - you can!! If I can manage it at 3 stone overweight and 48 years old anyone can. Had some fantastic advice from people last night before I set off and eventually went out knowing I would do it and that faith in the programme and myself made all the difference.

I am grinning from ear to ear this morning, enjoying my rest day and starting to think "what's the next challenge then?" Bring on week 6 :)

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Woooohoooo well done you, I knew you'd do it! And yesterday was a horrid sticky, airless day too! Here's hoping the next few continuous runs will keep you grinning and challenged. Enjoy your rest day - wondering if you are expecting thunderstorms as I am? Anyway, here's to that finishing line... not too far off now :D

Take care, cheers, Linda x


Well done! I'm so jealous. I only managed 16 mins today, walked for 90 secs and then started running again.


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