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Obstacle number 1

Went to doc's yesterday and had to get some anti-bi's as the cold I had has gone onto my chest a little. Ohhhh bugger! i don't feel particularly ill, but think it's probably best to take them to nip it in the bud.

So, my program .... I think since I'm only at week 2 I will continue, might make it a little harder but if i take it nice and easy there shouldn't be a problem. I walk my dogs every other day I'm not running anyway and that isn't stopping so why should this?

Found a wonderful organic shop fairly local to us and visited yesterday. so much wonderful stuff there it's a pleasure to choose healthy wholesome food to compliment my activities.

No run tomorrow for me as off to visit Hebden Bridge, a great little village in Yorkshire. For those who have no experience of Hebden it was a real haven for hippy and alternative types from the 60's onward and still maintains a little of that vibe with a great Organic cafe, and a general arty feeling to the place. My son will be 8 months old tomorrow (summer solstice), so what a great excuse to rest up a little and let my body recover. Wk2r2 will probably be Saturday.

Wishing all a fun weekend even if the weather isn't going to be great :)

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sounds a lovely place hope you have a lovely day away and rest, im sure you don't need anyone to say, listen to your body, it will let you know what you can and cant do.

I ran on antibiotics with absolutely no difference in distance tiredness or anything.

hopefully the weather will keep just for another one day, we are having a bbq come house warming 2moro, I keep hearing these reports of rain heading our way... nooo! but in the great british spirt the bbq will go ahead, even if it means we are all huddled in the tepee in the pouring rain lol

Hope you have a nice one :-)


Bikergirl, looks like that rain might be hitting us over the weekend, still it's nice and cool to run in and by the canal where I run the colours become more vibrant with a little rain.

Have a cool weekend :)


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