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Thanks everyone!!

Hi All

Not blogged in a wee while so thought would update people with my progress. Starting week 8 on Friday. Cannot believe I am this far through!! Never thought i could make it this far. I think I am running about 4k in 25 mins which I am pleased with! My main aim when i finish is to get a bit faster! I found week 7 HARD. I think this is quite normal. It is getting easier each time though. Week 7 run 1 was a shock! It is weird not having walking intervals and a real mental and physical challenge.

Anyway the main point of this is to thank you all! Even though i don't post super often reading other peoples blogs and all the comments has really helped. I think everyone undertaking this should be proud of themselves and i am learning not to get too hung up on how fast you go or how far but merely just think that anything we are doing now is better than before. I think this programme is a brilliant idea. I have very low self esteem but i do feel healthier, have lost weight and believe in myself more. I was the total stereotypical picked last for PE girl but now i feel i can do something sporty and enjoy it which is amazing!

Anyway thats enough of my ramblings - good luck to everyone!

Sarah x

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