Couch to 5K

W9R2 Tired Legs

I did this one this morning. Finding this week really hard for some reason, my legs feel really tired. I did W8 R3 while we were away over the weekend and the route I ran had quite a long slope on the return leg. I'm hoping my legs are just tired from running up a hill, the route I usually run is a flat one.

My last run will be saturday morning, it will be an early start. I'm looking forward to doing it, still can't believe I've got to this point. I don't expect it will be anywhere near 5k. Once I've done this one I'm going to start measuring distance and speed and work on improving that.

One more to go :)

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Great, good, splendid, amazing, awesome .... A few words to keep you going for Saturday! Don't know about you, but lots of people seem to blog that the middle runs of the three for each week tend to be the hardest!

I came up with a little theory about this one:

Run 1 - your body/mind has no idea what it's up for, do just does it, even if a bit difficult. ;)

Run 2 - your body/mind recalls what it was put through 2 days earlier and complains (makes things difficult/ploddy for you!) :(

Run 3 - your mind takes control ... Yeeeehaaaa .... It knows your body can do it, has done it twice (even under sufferance!) .... So becomes the 'boss' and drives onwards to complete the required task! :D

Well, it made sense to me LOL. Rest your legs longer if necessary, and set off for that final grad run soon! It won't matter a jot if you don't do 5k, it's all about completing 30mins continuous running, three times. There will be plenty of time to raise the speed and distance once you've graduated! :D

All the best, Cheers, Linda


I like that theory, makes sense to me too :). I'm still looking forward to the last one of week 9, i'll do it on the seafront, it's my treat for getting through another week. Just a shame I don't have time to go down there before work during the week, usually feels better there. Anyway, it's graduation run time and seems to have come around really quickly.



ewww lucky canary ... or will that make you a seagull? (I love the seaside?) I chose a different venue for my grad run (I live inland now) ... makes it all feel amazingly spesh :) Enjoy it x


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