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week 9 run 2 - one more to go!

went out early this morning to do week 9 run 2. i decided on my last run to track just the run (no walking either side) - was disappointed that i only ran 3.5km in 30 minutes :/ managed to up my pace a bit today and managed 4km in 30 minutes, so i know its in me somewhere i just need to dig very deep to find it. i'm not worried though.. its a goal after i've finished to work upto 5km in 30 mins. i struggled to keep going today though, i changed my route again as i get very bored easily, but i wanted to stop continuously, maybe it was that i was trying to run a bit faster? anyway, i didn't stop i kept on determined as ever.

last run on saturday. im going early doors again before work, i find its the best time for me. im aiming for 5km on my last run and going by my times i reckon its gonna take 37-38 minutes. can't believe i'm nearly at the end.

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I'm at the same point as you, sounds like you are going really well. I'll be out saturday morning too, 6am start. I much prefer running first thing. Good luck for saturday.


Good luck to both of you! It is just awesome that you've made it through to this stage - the end and graduation is really in sight ... Gonna be a weekend of celebrations, I think ;)

If you read many of the blogs of prior graduates, you'll find that loads complete the course but still find the 5k elusive. Don't worry! There will be plenty of time after the weekend to re-plan your strategies and aims for greater distances and faster speeds.

Have wonderful outings on Saturday, hope the early morning weather is kind for you both.

Cheers, Linda x


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