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Week 7 Run 2 - completed despite the humidity!

I've been looking forward to this run today, until half an hour before hand when I had serious doubts and my back started to tense up. During the warm up my ankles were aching and I thought I was going to have a nightmare 25 mins. However it actually went very well, I felt like I could have pushed a little harder, but held back until the last minute.

Half way round the temperature started to affect me and I was rather sweaty, but it was 24 degrees and very humid, even at 9pm, and not a breath of wind! But I managed to keep to the usual pace and when we got to the last minute managed to kick and pick the pace up quite a lot. We did 3.4k in the 25 mins which is about 7.5 mins per km and would be 37 minutes for 5k assuming we could keep the same pace. So very happy with that, slightly further than we've run before without any real attempt to run faster until the last minute.

So week 7 is going much better than expected and so much better than week 1! I'm worried that I'm going to have a bad run in the closing weeks as so many have done, but at least I won't be surprised when it happens. Unfortunately my next run won't be until the weekend as we're busy, looking forward to moving on to week 8, and then only two weeks to go! I still can't believe it.

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Well done for going out in the heat. I like cooler weather. Stop worrying about the next few weeks, you have got this far and are doing well. Hope you have a good run at the weekend and on to week 8. :-)


Yep, agree with you both, it was not at all pleasant, too hot, muggy and (not sure if it was just my asthmatic lungs messing about again) but I didn't feel much air about either! Much prefer things a bit cooler with a tiny breeze! However, you ventured out and succeeded ... You are definitely on the home straight to graduation now! :D

It won't matter if you take more rest days between runs - in fact, several folk need an extra day now all the runs are continuous. You will be guided by the 'feel of your legs and body' - they'll soon tell you if they need longer to rest and repair. No sense in getting an injury now ;)

Lots of luck for your last long runs, have fun too. Linda :)


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