Wk6 run2

Oh dear! I went back to run2 as I didn't manage run3. Well the panic I used to get about not being able to breathe at 5 minutes has now moved to about 3 minutes into the second 10 minutes. I found myself stopping without really thinking about it. I felt so up for this tonight. All I seemed to think about was each step, I couldn't get my mind onto anything else. At the moment I feel as if I will not be able to do this. Really deflated.

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  • Week 6 is notoriously tough, I found it the hardest to date. So don't be hard on yourself, you will beat it!

    Just a thought, but did you have anything to eat before you went out? The runs I have struggled on have all been on an empty stomach. I have recently been having a bowl of cereal or something about half an hour before I set out and I have found things much easier.

    Not sure if there is anything in it but, no fuel in the tank........

    Chin up, and don't worry you'll get there!


  • Thanks for this but it was at 8.00pm I did this as I find I cannot run really early in the morning I am too wheezy. I enjoy around 10.00am but work doesn't let that happen apart from weekends. Just so frustrating and disappointing when the other weeks were not too bad and I even did 20 minutes (that's when the difficulties started) so I can't understand the problem. I will be out again on Saturday as I haven't got time on Friday. Fingers crossed.

  • I did this run tonight and sheer determination got me through most of it. It's warm out there which doesn't help. Keep going :)

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