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Wk6 run2

Oh dear! I went back to run2 as I didn't manage run3. Well the panic I used to get about not being able to breathe at 5 minutes has now moved to about 3 minutes into the second 10 minutes. I found myself stopping without really thinking about it. I felt so up for this tonight. All I seemed to think about was each step, I couldn't get my mind onto anything else. At the moment I feel as if I will not be able to do this. Really deflated.

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Week 6 is notoriously tough, I found it the hardest to date. So don't be hard on yourself, you will beat it!

Just a thought, but did you have anything to eat before you went out? The runs I have struggled on have all been on an empty stomach. I have recently been having a bowl of cereal or something about half an hour before I set out and I have found things much easier.

Not sure if there is anything in it but, no fuel in the tank........

Chin up, and don't worry you'll get there!



Thanks for this but it was at 8.00pm I did this as I find I cannot run really early in the morning I am too wheezy. I enjoy around 10.00am but work doesn't let that happen apart from weekends. Just so frustrating and disappointing when the other weeks were not too bad and I even did 20 minutes (that's when the difficulties started) so I can't understand the problem. I will be out again on Saturday as I haven't got time on Friday. Fingers crossed.


I did this run tonight and sheer determination got me through most of it. It's warm out there which doesn't help. Keep going :)


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