Couch to 5K

5 steps forward, 1 step back :(

So, last time I was on here, I was at W5R2 and getting all set and geared up for the big one!! Unfortunately had horrible cold and hayfever for last 2-3 weeks and struggled to breathe, therefore have done no exercise whatsoever!!!! Didn't want to go back too far so managed W5R1 on Monday and going to attempt R2 tonight.....not sure im going to manage the big one at weekend though. Even just with couple of weeks off, I feel so unfit!!!!!! Will see how it goes.......

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This sounds like my story too- got to week 4 first time achilles problem so stopped C25K had physio etc got better in a few weeks started again that very afternoon fell off a step ladder twisted back so off 4 weeks started again flu then tummy bug and here I am just finished week 4 for the secind time and face the first week 5 run tomorrow morning. reading this I am thinking this reinforces my life long belief sport is bad for you LOL but I am enjoying it and feel fitter even if i run very very very slowly I am running. GOOD LUCK this evening and think of me struggling at dawn with the first week 5.


You will be surprised, I'm sure you will manage r2 and r3. Just take it easy and don't start to fast and you will be fine :-)


R2 done and for the first time ever it actually felt like I got into a rhythm and it became easier, almost like I could have managed more........will see what r3 brings, hopefully on Friday night!! Going at a slower speed definitely the key!! Going much slower now than I was at earlier weeks but not as exhausted after so hopefully fitness improving a little!


Take it easy, and don't rush it if you have any health worries. Running will still be there, and there are no prizes (sorry) for completing it sooner rather than later. It really is much better to take your time, listen to your body and keep going at a slower pace than to rush, get injured or ill, and have to take an enforced break.

The hay fever season is a pain, so try running at different times of the day, and see how that goes.


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