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Week 2 Run 2 - so far, so good :)

Well, today I did run 2 of week 2 and managed it better than I thought I would. I was really out of breath on Monday and was a bit wary of today's run - especially the humidity - but I was pleasantly surprised :) Yes it was still difficult but easier too if that makes sense??!!

Had my new two-skin socks on today and they are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO comfy - wish I'd known about them before I started!! Still finding it easier having my water with me too - every little helps.

My 10,000 steps a day is also going well and my jeans are beginning to feel a little better on me so am fairly happy at the mo :)

Looking forward to Friday and run 3 - and trying not to think about week 3 - gulp - it looks scary!!!

Good luck and happy running to you all xxx.

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Well done in running in humidity. I hope you have a good belt to hold your trousers up. You will need it by week 9!


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