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Drat ,Drat,drat!!!!!

Was feeling really pleased with myself today.

I did a solo brisk 5 min walk then ran for 40 mins to Laura's week 9 including cool down.

I was sure I had conquered the 5k beast.

But no, it wasn't to be.

It was.2.9miles. I was really disappointed :-(

Anyway, can't be helped, best not to dwell on it.

I've gone onto mapyourun and worked out my next route to be 3.14 miles which should just cover it.

My next run will be 5k or I'll.......**&^%$$%£

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Im so pleased to have come accross someone else who hasnt completed 5k in less than 33 mins!!! I did my first 5k the other week and it took 41 mins. When running 30 mins I am only managing 3.86km.

Dont beat yourself up - we all go at our own pace and as you say - next run that 5k is yours!!! x


Good luck for next time! Though running for 40 minutes is impressive anyway. I haven't done that for a while. :)


Thanks to you both. I will do it eventually!


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