Couch to 5K

Another organic run : WEEK 8 Run 2

Hooray! I did it - my 2nd run of week 8 and it was once again TOTALLY ORGANIC. Meaning I didn't cheat and take loads of steroids, didn't go to Switzerland to change my blood and didn't ingest illegal substances to make me run faster. I just had a couple of glugs of water and heaps of determination!

Managed to mop up 5.6K including the warm up/down walks. By golly it was hot though, even at 8.30am! The hottest day of the year so far apparently and I felt pretty heavy legged for the last couple of kilometres. I do wonder how on earth folks can run 10K and when I think about that when running my run it makes my heart sink a bit. But at least after 8 weeks I can run the lion share of 5K, albeit with a huuuuuuge amount of effort. 8 weeks ago I was completely unable to run for longer than 13 seconds and I'm not kidding.

Oh! That bloody JULIE song is awwwwful. A few folks have blooged about that bloody song and it is sooooooooo annoying. It reminds me of a 1970's novelty "Top of the Pops" song, a la "JILTED JOHN (Gordon is a moron"). Don't know if any of you remember that?!

In case any new starter out-er-er's are reading this - this program is amazing and it works. I am 50 years old and haven't done any real exercise for about 35 years. My weight is 1 stone too much but C25K has opened a thousand doors. Try it. It's fabulous!

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Organic is the way to do it then ;) By the way stop thinking about 10K get this programme dealt with and your wonderful green badge, enjoy the time you have lovely Laura keeping you company, then you can start making plans to bridge that gap if thats the way you would like to go. It doesn't happen over night but hell its fun doing the journey. Good luck with the last few runs, nearly there, well done. :)


You're jolly well right Oldgirl! I shall banish all thoughts of 10K from my brain. Gotta graduate this first...pant pant pant...


You're not going to escape the 'Julie' song yet danzargo. It is the first piece of music played in Week 9!! You mentioning it has got it buzzing round in my head now. Strangely though I don't mind it too much as it kind of transports me back to the late seventies when I was just starting high school!! Good luck with the last few runs. Looking good for a 5k in around 30 minutes at the rate you're going! Claire.


Ohhhh nooooo!! JULIE song reappearsin Week 9???? Aaaaghhhh!!!!!!

Thanks Claire. I saw from my stats that my 5K was 32'52 which is pleasing. Though God knows how I'll shave nearly three mins off for "The Goal"! Hahaha!


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