Couch to 5K

W4R3... now the dreaded week 5!

So I waited until as late as a possibly could last night for it to cool down before I went for my run- this turned out to be about 7pm because if I'd have waited any longer I'd have just stayed on the sofa! I cannot believe how hot it was. Not just hot, but humid and sticky with no breeze at all. It was tough. Really tough. It's amazing how much a temperature fluctuation of a couple of degrees can affect your run, isn't it?

Normally by the third run of the week I'm feeling good and thinking I'm ready to move on but last night I felt like I was running in a fur coat with two gleeful leprechauns holding onto my legs. When I get home post-cool down walk I happened to glimpse myself in a mirror and I was still a deep veruca purple so God only knows what colour I was mid-run.

On the positive side, I treated myself to some new running shorts (lycra- eep!) and they worked out really well. Although, there's a pocket that I use for my Ipod which is at the top of the seat (that's a polite word for it, isn't it?) of the shorts and I'm aware that when I'm running I've got this kind of rectangular bulge. It looks like I've had some very unfortunate buttock implants.

Anyway, moving on... I start week 5 tomorrow and I'm going to try going for a run in the morning instead of the evening like I normally do. I suspect I won't like it (I'm not much of a morning person) but it'll change up the routine a little bit.

Fingers crossed!

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Made me laugh at the mental image. Wonder what my neighbours think if they see me- an impressive lobster pink. Zero lycra the same cotton track suit I had in winter on the principle I may sweat off more blubber this way. I have just done week 5 run 1 and had hills on the way, The dog was being so unruly I had to go this route to avoid cars and I managed it- glowing. Feel great and am already at my desk full of energy- thank you running. Gulp run 2 on saturday. Beaming positive vibes your way.


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