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First Race for Life - Done

The weather was overcast and drizzling with rain - thank goodness. If it had been as hot as the previous Sunday, I don't think I would have even finished. But finish I did, although I had two short walking periods within the 5k. My time was 37.30 mins, so I was pleased with that. I know it's slow but I will hopefully be able to work on the speed once I am able to comfortably run 5k, without having to stop running.

It was a great occasion and lovely to see so many mums, daughters, teachers and pupils all running together. Signed up already for next year, so that will motivate me to keep going with the running. Back to the program this week as I am about to start Week 8.


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Well done on finishing!

I'm doing my first one tonight in Wolverhampton. I've managed to run once for 35 minutes non stop a few weeks ago but only without speaking! Doing it with other people I find much harder to manage the breathing and talking. Just want to get through without walking even if slow as have some good sponsorship coming and feel I need to push myself. Not quite formally finished Week 9 and started in January!


Hey everyone! :)

I know I'm a bit late but I'm looking for anyone that wants to run with someone around Wolverhampton?



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