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W7R3 - Just awful!

So I have progressed with the programme and wondering when I would get the head gremlins and off-day which I have read about in other blogs - well today was my turn. Dont know why - just set off and from the start, I was negative. Then I took a tumble while looking at my phone to adjust the volume, so feeling a bit sheepish on the streets of London, I shook that off and limped off - more of a broken spirit than real injuries! Jodging the crowds on Millenium Bridge (London is FULL up with tour groups!) my startup walk was over, Disaster - I was not on my normal place for the run to start...well I did trip and.... set off a a steady pace but nothing felt right. My keys were digging into my pocket, my earphone cables were irritating me (first time ever) and my legs felt heavy as lead.

I did complete the 25 mins, running all the way, but really not in the groove. I covered only slightly less in distance to my other runs. So I hope that's over - had my turn and not giving up

Downloading Week 8 and can only hope it is better - I thought not enjoying 1 run out of 21 runs is not a bad record..... onwards to graduation!

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of course it will get better - really well done, you had all those niggles but got on with it. Bad run days are better than no run days. I do have my bad run days - and they have my full respect - as they can undo me and then I feel rubbish. But in general I try to put them behind me and just get on with the next one.

I ran around hyde park and the serpentine a few weeks ago - fabulous. :-)


My Bad run was W6R1. Like you just felt right out of the groove.It seems, as you say, that this happens to us all. If it is any consolation my W6R2, and W6R3 runs were much better. Felt so much more positive. W7R1 tomorrow, and feel ready and raring.

Put it down to a 'one-off', on 'one of those days', and carry on. You did complete the run, and that is what matters. Graduation is not far off now, and by the sounds of it you are well on target.



but you made it though & running all the way and that's what is important to take from this - even when you get niggled - you can still do it - so WELL DONE & it's behind you now.

I found my W7 to be a right old pain by the end, but I put that down to it being the first week of non stop running & you've proved you can do that.

Happy Running


Thanks so everyone who left me comments - I feel so 'connected' in my worries, joys, achievements. So loving this programme - have a band of runners on C25k - a few in South Afroca as well. Thanks nhs. and to all the lovely people on Health Unlocked too.


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